• Soul Spices is a journey through the spices that lead to a book and a series of experiences



The world of spices lets you experience all the senses.


Recipes, tips and tricks to take advantage of spices in the kitchen.

A recipe book with tasty recipes that will help you understand and appreciate the endless world of spice possibilities.

A cookbook filled with delicious recipes which will help you understand and appreciate this endless world of spices.

Available for sale here on the website, this first edition created by Anjalina Chugani, consists of her knowledge in the kitchen, and her experience as a culinary teacher in Barcelona where she lives. In Soul Spices, you will find recipes with beautiful pictures, a complete glossary of the spices, combinations, tips and tricks on how to use them in the best way possible… definitely the perfect way to win over the stomachs and hearts of your near and dear ones!

The cookbook is bilingual, with the Spanish version at the beginning along with the delicious photographs, and the English version completely translated following that

Soul Spices is also available in department store El Corte Ingles, Tierra Extraña, Natura Casa and Le Cresuet shops across Spain.

Fantastic and colourful video recipes to discover the world of spices and see how easy it is to work with them! Also, lots of fun collaborations here!

Please note all videos are in Spanish.


Test and experience the different types of spices, masalas and combinations of spices.