Anjalina Chugani

Anjalina considers herself to be a passionate and emotional cook, connecting strongly with her Indian roots. Born and raised in London, she’s a citizen of the world, having lived in London and Bangalore, India and now in Barcelona with her family. She has travelled far and wide to connect with her extended family and believes that the best education is travel.

Growing up in an Indian family, it was easy to connect to her culture through her taste buds and food. Her recipes come from memories. memories from tastes and smells, her mothers and grandmothers’ kitchens. Her Indian roots is something she takes very seriously and is always ready to share her experiences and flavours with everyone.

Anjalina studied at Hofmann Culinary School for two years, and from there, decided to take a step forward into teaching Indian cuisine and organising private events. Her passion lies in everything Indian. Her love for her culture shines through as she talks about India and its delicious variety of food and ingredients.

It was from her cooking classes that the idea for Soul Spices was born. Her first cookbook, based on spices, their benefits and properties, was a journey through her childhood and onto her adult life in Barcelona. You will see a mix of Indian and Western recipes, from her mother, to friends, to inspiration from her time at Hofmann. She wanted to show her adopted country, Spain, that spices form an essential part of any home kitchen and not only bring flavour to any dish but also health benefits. Soul Spices was and is a passion project for Anjalina, and we invite you to join her journey.

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