Wine Pairing Indian Feast

Experience an Indian feast with wine pairing brought to you by Nika, sommelier and The Wine Alphabet founder.

Wine Pairing Indian Feast

I always had doubts on which wines go with Indian food or any spiced dishes. I love to serve a good bottle of wine with a special dinner, or a lunch with friends or simply, mid week along side our traditional meals. But I’m completely lost and have no idea what to choose! Hands up if you’re with me on this! I’m always worried about the flavours and spices and aromatics overpowering or conflicting with the complex notes of the wine.

Well, no more! We have the perfect opportunity with Nika, a total expert! One night. One menu. Designed by me for you. A careful selection of wines by Nika. A unique and exclusive event. You DON’T want to miss this!

Are you vegetarian? Well, I’ve also designed a menu for you to enjoy along with the pairings!

From intense whites, to fragrant rosés, Nika has found some beautiful varieties and wines from all over Spain to suit every spice and flavour profile. Nika says, “This pairing is all about balancing and toying with different textures and flavours”. And that’s what I always say. Enjoy and play with you food! Experiment! It’s all about the experience!

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November 29th: only 4 seats left!
December 13th: only 2 seats left!

Email to reserve.

This is not available to book online.

Nika and Anjalina

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