Colourful cooking classes, fun and interesting collaborations and delicious catering is what you will find here in this section.

Anjalina offers a lot of menus for you to choose from for your private cooking class here in Barcelona. Any queries, do contact her directly. For consultancy queries regarding recipe developing, working with your restaurant, or custom dishes to suit your menu, Anjalina will be happy to help!

Cooking Classes

As you might know, I just love my culture and everything about it… it’s history, traditions and its beautiful colours and flavours. Here in Spain, Indian food has taken a while to take off, which is surprising to me given that it’s so similar in flavours and influences to the southern region of Spain.

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Collaborations & Consultancy

Anjalina has worked with restaurants, chefs, bloggers in different areas such as recipe development, food styling, creating experiences and workshops within their spaces.

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Anjalina caters for corporate events as well as private, here in Barcelona, with a range of savoury and sweet snacks to choose from. Starting with groups of 8 for smaller occasions. Larger numbers of groups to be discussed with Anjalina depending on your needs.

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