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As you know, I love my culture. it’s rich in history, tradition and beautiful colours and flavours. Indian cuisine took a while to “take off” here in Spain, which to me is surprising as there are so many similarities, especially referring to flavours of southern Spain. We use fresh local ingredients, pride ourselves on vegetables, and the Spanish have been using cumin and saffron for years.

A few misconceptions about Indian food. firstly, Indian food is from the country, India. And within this vast land, there are so many states, and each one has its own regional cuisine. This has nothing to do with religion. Which is why time and time again, I find myself correcting my friends, students and fellow cooks here in Barcelona. it is not Cocina hindu… Hinduism is the main religion in India yes. However, the food is generally called Indian food.

The other “myth” is that Indian food is hot and overly spicy. It can be. There are certain curries that pride themselves on the unbearable heat. But traditional Indian food is mild in heat, strong on spice variants and calming for the soul.

Tailor-Made & Private Classes

Anjalina offers several bespoke cooking classes based on the beautiful world of Indian cuisine. From 1-12 people, hands on cooking classes where you can experience cooking in an Indian kitchen, using authentic spices and ingredients.

The masterclasses vary according to the season and ingredients will also vary according to the produce that’s in season at the time.

Check the classes and dates available currently via the button below.

Masterclass timings: 19:00-22:00 approx.

The Spice Route & Indian Family Kitchen Recipes

Anjalina takes you on a route through her spice cabinet, and special spice box, revealing the secrets of Indian traditional cooking. Recipes from traditional Indian homes and kitchens.

Indian Breads

Have fun learning to make different Indian flat breads including the famous naan, accompanied with a curry and a yoghurt sauce.

Indian Thali Bowls

A variety of vegetarian ingredients, beautifully spiced, forming the elements of this naturally colourful Indian version of the famous Buddha bowl.

Just Curry!

Traditional and aromatic curries, from different regions of India, all with distinct flavours. Anjalina shows you how easy they are to put together!

Indian Summer: Easy, Fresh Recipes On The Go

Fresh vibrant recipes, incorporating spices and Asian flavours, perfect for summer months and easy to prepare and take away!

Tailor-Made & Private Cooking Classes


“Soul Spices Kitchen has been very interesting. I really appreciate Anjalina dedicated so much time explaining each spice and what was it for. For me that is the real difficulty as we don’t use them so much here. I had really good time and a great dinner. Everything was delicious!!!”

Sandra Bruna, Barcelona

“Anjalina’s masterclasses are an absolute joy to behold and take part in. From the spectacular colours and aromas of the Indian spices to the contagious positivity and professionalism of the chef herself, these classes are just as well tailored to enthusiastic amateur chefs as they are to passionate foodies. The presentation is extremely interesting, the cooking is fun and just challenging enough, but the real treat is getting to sit down at the end and enjoy the delicious end result. I would encourage anyone who can to sign up for one of these classes and ENJOY!”

Isabelle Kliger, Barcelona

“Soul Spices Master class was an absolute revelation to the sense and a complete trip to India and back. Anjalina has such an in-depth knowledge of all the details of spices and dishes that it’s not just a cooking class but so much more, it’s a cultural experience as she engages all your senses. Moreover, all the information, she makes it easy to understand and with so much energy that it becomes contagious throughout the group spreading a positive and fun atmosphere throughout that it really feels like one big family rather than a group of previous strangers. The experience and Anjalina overall is incredibly warm, fun, and inviting! And highly recommend any of her activities to anyone you will leave not only with a great experience and a few recipes but also with a new friend! And I haven’t even started talking about the food… just do it. Even if I wanted to words seems hard enough to express the complexity of flavors and depths that each individual dish had and at the same time seems so balanced and seamless. And just delicious. I can’t recommend this enough!”

Samantha, WTFBcn Blog, Barcelona

Cooking Schools

Anjalina teaches at various schools in Barcelona: La Patente, Cookiteca, Tierra Veritas, Born To Cook, Espai Boisa.

Here is a list of upcoming course dates with links to book your class with her. This is subject to change.

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