Soul Spices Master class was an absolute revelation to the sense and a complete trip to India and back. Anjelina has such an in depth knowledge of all the details of spices and dishes that it’s not just a cooking class but so much more, it’s a cultural experience as she engages all of your senses. Moreover all the information, she makes if easy to understand and with so much energy that it becomes contagious throughout the group spreading a positive and fun atmosphere throughout that it really feels like one big family rather than a group of previous strangers. The experience and Anjelina overall is incredibly warm, fun, and inviting! And highly recommend any of her activities to anyone you will leave not only with a great experience and a number of recipes but also with a new friend! And I haven’t even started talking about the food… just do it. Even if I wanted to words seems hard enough to express the complexity of flavors and depths that each individual dish had and at the same time seems so balanced and seamless. And just delicious. I can’t recommend this enough!